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Open Educational Resources in Anthropology and in Food Studies

This section includes a list of recommended resources that integrate the themes covered in this teaching guide. You will find here Open Educational Resources (OER) for Anthropology, along with a sample of materials from Food Studies, that will complement this teaching guide, and your present and future lesson plans.

A- Resources in Anthropology* 

1-Perspectives: An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology (2020), 2nd edition, Ed. Nina Brown, Laura Tubelle de González, and Thomas McIlwraith. Washington DC: American Anthropological Association. (Textbook)

2-Explorations: An Invitation to Biological Anthropology (2019), Ed by Katie Nelson, Lara Braff, Beth Shook and Kelsie Aguilera. Washington DC: American Anthropological Association. (Textbook)

3- Wesch, Michael. (2018). The Art of Being Human: A Textbook for Cultural Anthropology, Manhattan:  New Praire Press. (Textbook)

4-Teaching and Learning Anthropology (TLA) Journal (Open Access Academic Journal)

5-Becker, Jeffrey and Beth Harris. 2018. What is archaeology: understanding the archaeological record. Khan Academy. (Video Lecture)

6-Crowie, Claudia & Miryam Nacimiento. 2019. Literature Review of Open Educational Resources in Cultural Anthropology in Building Open Infrastructure at CUNYNew York: GC Digital Initiatives & The Teaching and Learning Center.  (Chapter and Edited Volume)

*this is a sample of Open Educational Resources and Open Access publications in Anthropology.

B- Research/Teaching on Food Studies**

1- NYU Food Studies Puerto Rico – Website created by Melissa Fuster in which she shares blog posts, and other materials related to the course she taught in Puerto Rico.

2- Comidas que Curan (Foods that Heal)– Website/blog created by Anthropologist Pilar Egüez Guvara in which she shares blog posts, reflective essays, and student work on her projects in Ecuador. The website is available in English/Spanish, and also includes trailers from her documentary project Raspando Coco. 

3- Association for the Study of Food and Society – website of the Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS). It includes resources, model syllabi for food studies courses, journal articles, research awards, and more.

4- Society for the Anthropology of Food & Nutrition – website for the SAFN (part of the American Anthropological Association). It includes book reviews on the latest publications on Food studies, Blog posts by guest authors, resources (Teaching aids, list of graduate programs, Call for Papers), and many other exciting resources.

5- Coffee in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Research Guide – This guide is intended as a starting point for research on coffee, coffee culture, and the coffee industry in Latin America and the Caribbean. It includes primary and secondary sources available at the Library of Congress,as well as external resources.

6- Specialty Coffee Association – website for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), includes a history of the organization, membership information, training/education programs, events, and research reports on the industry, and many other resources.

7- Wagner, Gail E. (2020). Introduction to Anthropological food studiesVideo lecture – University of South Carolina, Columbia.

**this is a sample of electronic resources, research guides, blogs, and websites available on Food Studies.