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Culture, Anthropology, and Economy

Anthropology as a disciplinary field has engaged extensively with the study of economics and political economy in various ways: analyzing the exchange of gifts (Mauss, 1925), the historical accumulation of debt (Graeber, 2011), neoliberalism (Harvey, 2005), market society and nation state (Polanyi, 1945), and new strains of theoretical development, such as feminist approaches to the study of capitalism (Ho, 2015), racial capitalism (Ralph & Singhal, 2019), gender and labor (Nash, 2005), and imperialism (Galeano, 1971). Why is this very brief theoretical history important for us? It provides a snapshot of the different contributions and context of the origins of the concepts and theories used in these subfields of Cultural Anthropology, and how they can be used for the study of coffee and food.

In this section you, you may find resources related to Economic Anthropology and Political Economy. It is not representative of all the theoretical debates and contributions developed in the subfield, but it provides a good introduction, along with a list of resources/books/articles that can be used while preparing your teaching materials/lessons.

A- Books*

  • Classical works in Political Economy & Economic Anthropology

Luxemburg, Rosa. 1913 (2015). The accumulation of capital. New York: Benediction Classics.

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  • Contemporary works

Besky, Sarah. (2013). The Darjeeling distinction: labor and justice in fair-trade tea plantations in India. Durham: Duke University Press.

Chrzan, Janet & John A. Brett. (2017). Food Culture: anthropology, linguistics and food studies. New York: Berghahn Books.

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Ziegler, Catherine. (2007). Favored Flowers: Culture and Economy in a Global System. Durham: Duke University Press.

*this is a sample of Books and publications in Anthropology.

B- Multimedia Resources (Documentaries/Videos)**

1- Fraley, Maisie. (2016) Economic AnthropologyShort Lecture – Front Range Community College

2-Fraley, Maisie. (2016) Gift GivingShort Lecture – Front Range Community College


**this is a sample of video lectures and videos on Economic anthropology and exchange.