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Cultural Anthropology
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Readings & Audiovisual Resources

This section of the website provides a curated list of readings (scholarship and newspaper articles) that will be folded into the course module, along with the trailers of three documentaries that will be screened during the in-person class session.

A- Readings

Lyon, Sarah. (2020). “Economics” in Nina Brown, Thomas McIllwrath, and Laura Tubelle de González (Eds.), Perspectives: An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology (119-147), Arlington: American Anthropological Association

Roseberry, W. (1996). “The rise of the yuppie coffees and the reimagination of class in the United States” American Anthropologist, 762-775.

Semple, Kirk. (2019/April/13). “Central American Farmers Head to the U.S., Fleeing Climate Change” The New York Times. 

Mintz, Sidney W. (1996). “Food and its relationship to concepts of power” in Tasting Food, Tasting Freedom: Excursions into Eating, Culture, and the Past (33-49), Boston: Beacon Press.

Wilson, Margaret. (2005). “Indulgence” in Don Kulick and Anne Meneley (Eds.), Fat: The Anthropology of an obsession (153-167), Ann Arbor: Penguin Press.

Café Oro; Lares, Puerto Rico (2018)
Image by Joseph Torres-González

B- Audiovisual Resources (Documentary Trailers)

1- Dennis, A. (Director). (2014). Connected by Coffee. [Film] Stone Hut Studios.

2- Iannucci, Fulvio and Roly Santos (Directors). (2017). Coffee for All (Caffè Sospeso). [Film] 39 Films.

3- Wolansky, Sara Joe (Producer and Editor). (2019). Inside the World of High-End Coffee, Annals of an Obsession. The New Yorker [Short Documentary].